I had a sibling loss dream last night.  It makes sense to me.  My head has been in Siblings Matter mode and I had the ‘tsunami of grief’ at the weekend.  Often my dreams are bittersweet experiences.  Generally I love them.  Occasionally they can be distressing and I always feel sadness that my sister is no longer here.  Overall though I would say the dominant feeling is gratitude because the dream is something new.  I don’t know whether this will resonate with anyone, but to me it’s kind of like a new memory.  The only opportunity we have now for something that isn’t the past.

Finding Meaning in Sibling Loss Dreams

As someone who has been recording their dreams for years, I can often recall them in great detail. As though I were recalling an occasion we’d spent together.  Often there are wacky details which remind me it is a dream and of course I know it is. To me it doesn’t matter though.  It’s still precious. An experience of feeling connected to my sister which I cherish.

On some days I like to think it’s a visitation.  That something bigger than me has orchestrated this.  Maybe my sister has decided to gift me a dream or that there are forces at work in the universe that I, as a mere mortal with limited understanding, cannot possibly fathom.  On other days I go a bit Gestalt and think all aspects of the dream are actually parts of me and there’s nothing more mystical to it than that.

My Dream

In my dream last night my sister had died and I had to tell the family of a friend of mine. I was trying to keep my emotions in check which I was only able to do momentarily before they burst forth like a flood!  In another part, and you call tell part of the dream is connected with the present dear reader because I needed to announce her death on Instagram (!) but I kept playing around with the background image because I wasn’t satisfied as it looked too much like a previous post!  This morning I feel a little sad but actually as I write I’m starting to feel a sense of peace.  I’m hoping in my sharing, that maybe what I write might resonate with some of you.

Your Sibling Loss Dreams

So lovely readers, let me turn to you and your dreaming experiences.  I’m curious. Have you had the dream where you see your sibling but feel confused as it can’t possibly be them because they’re dead and then you speak to them and say ‘how are you here?’  I had that one shortly after my sister died where I saw her in a school corridor we shared a sandwich in complete silence.  I’m fairly confident some of you will have had that dream. I’ve heard variations from others over the years and I think it’s a fairly common dream to have when a loved one has died.

Anyway, I’d love to hear more from you if you’d like to share.  What kinds of dreams have you had?  Do you like having them?  Are they distressing? Do you dream about your sibling regularly or occasionally?  What do the dreams mean for you?  Let me know in a comment either here on my website or on social media. You can find me on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/siblingsmatter/ or Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/sibsmatter

Donna @ Siblings Matter


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