picture of Donna Gibson from Siblings Matter and her sister


Siblings Matter was founded by Donna Gibson to provide counselling and support to siblings who have experienced the death of their brother or sister.

The idea for Siblings Matter came after Donna’s sister died in 2009.  The following year Donna undertook counselling training and had the idea to help siblings who had a brother or sister with a disability.  In 2020 this idea evolved into a desire to focus on sibling bereavement as Donna recognised the lack of specific support for siblings who can often be the forgotten mourners.

Donna understands the complex nature of sibling loss and combines her personal experience as a bereaved sibling with her experience as a counsellor to help other siblings work through their grief.

Her philosophy is that in order for siblings to heal they need to be able to talk about all their thoughts and feelings, express those feelings and move towards a new normal.  Donna believes that siblings don’t get over the loss of their brother or sister but instead when they are able to fully grieve, they can come to a place of living with their new normal.

image of Donna Gibson from Siblings Matter and her sister

No sibling wants to be part of this exclusive club but Siblings Matter hopes to create a membership where siblings can access a range of support which is helpful to them.